DIY enthusiasts come to Royal Oak with Hacker Space

Ever wish A place (workshop) existed where you could build a project, somewhere to relax while programming, be able to think and share ideas, and learn while lending a helping hand?   Well you are in luck,  Royal Oak being the home of many arts, crafts and entrainment outlets, has gained its first Hacker Space.  A 1500sqf environment dedicated for builders, crafters, thinkers, and coders, is equipped with a workshop, classroom, loft, future AV room, and many other possibilities.

After months of weekly meetings at The Coffee Beanery in Berkley,  i3Detroit has made its home located downtown at 322 East 4th Street Royal Oak Mi.
Weekly meetings are held currently each tuesday at 7PM at the new location.  If you are interested in finding out more about the group and would like to be apart of it please visit! i3 is actively accepting new members.

The grand opening will be hosted the first weekend of October, opening the doors to the public to come and see what i3Detroit is all about.  With the first class
“Intro to Small Scale Web Advertising (Part 1)” scheduled for Monday, October 05, 2009 from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM (ET) i3 will feature many lectures available to the public to learn topics presented by various hosts.

Anyone is allowed to visit i3Detroit, though Membership allows full access to the premises 24/7 onsite storage, voting rights,  and other various perks.  Non-members are allowed to visit the space while another member is willing to accompany them.

One thought on “DIY enthusiasts come to Royal Oak with Hacker Space

  1. The i3 Detroit open house will be Saturday October 3rd from 12-5 P.M then followed by a 21 and up party at the space from 7PM to 12 AM.

    Thanks for the support and post!

    i3 Detroit

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